Helthcare Summit

13th & 14th May 2024, Dubai, UAE

About the Organizer

IBMAR produces business platforms focused on re-education, networking & most importantly – increasing deal-making opportunities for executive clients.

“The secret to our success is that we understand that all Participants, Sponsors, Delegates and Partners, must have a return on investment. Our high rebooking rate of both Delegates and Sponsors is proving that we are delivering this ROI to our clients.”

We work with highly-qualified industry experts to engage with pressing issues and cutting edge topics in several industries – each of which is extensively researched by our teams.

Over two days, buyers and solution providers within a specific industry meet in an exclusive five-star hotel to conduct business, share knowledge and network with peers. All participants are pre-qualified to ensure that only the ultimate decision makers attend.

This two-day summit, organized by IBMAR, with the theme

“The Challenges & Demands of Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the New Generation”, will provide an excellent platform to facilitate an understanding of healthcare dynamics. In addition, the conference will also look at global trends and scenarios around in MENA Region.

Healthcare is increasingly a top priority in the MENA Region with the digital revolution, patients are becoming more attentive, expectations are rising and request to be involved in every step of the treatment is increasing. Many GCC countries are launching key initiatives aimed at improving patient experience and healthcare providers also have increasingly recognised the importance of going beyond providing exemplary medical care to engage with patients.

The conference aims to bring together all parties concerned and professionals from the field, including Insurers and Reinsurers, Government Bodies, International Aid Agencies, Hospitals, Doctors, Healthcare Providers, Consultants and Corporations to seek out solutions to make healthcare affordable and available to all.

The Summit will also examine diseases of today’s affluent lifestyles – like Diabetes, Heart Disorder, Stress as well as the newest probable vaccines, and other possible pandemic threats and new diseases, which are new challenges for the industry to stamp out!

Don’t miss this opportunity and join us at the MENA Healthcare Achievement Awards, for an enriched experience to leverage your knowledge, showcase your practice, and network with peers.

Our exhibition area is carefully planned to ensure that you showcase your products and services in a business driven atmosphere and increase interactive and exclusivity with the Top level executives in the MENA Region.

The event will also feature Grand Award Ceremony. Mena Healthcare Achievement Awards will identify the achievements of the MENA Region’s leading Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals. Don’t forget to nominate your company or yourself.

Event Format


Hear the latest advancements in healthcare industry from leading experts and keynote speakers


Under the theme of “The Challenges & Demands of Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the New Generation” MENA Healthcare Summit is devoted to discussing challenges confronting the industry by addressing pressing issues like infrastructure and resource gaps, focus on preventive care, sluggish health insurance, uncoordinated system, rural health, workforce issues, innovative technological solutions amongst many others.


There is a co-located exhibition space, alongside the conference session for suppliers and solution providers to display and promote their services to only the Key Decision Makers.


Designed to include maximum networking opportunities to ensure that you walk away with the most important new strategic partnerships.


A prestigious awards ceremony organised in conjunction with MENA Healthcare Summit is designed to recognize both individuals and organizations who have contributed to the successful development of healthcare in the MENA Region.


To ensure a high quality environment with only the key decision makers in the healthcare industry attending, the summit will be a private invitation event only.

Why Attend?

  • Leading Healthcare Decision Makers and Influencers Uniting to Advance Healthcare Strategy
  • A Break Through Healthcare Event of the Year focusing “The Challenges & Demands of Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the New Generation”
  • Promoting Healthcare Investments
  • Hear the latest advancements in healthcare industry from leading experts and keynote speakers
  • Creating New Business Opportunities
  • Prequalified Major Industry Players
  • Cross-Industry Networking Opportunities
  • Cutting-Edge Conference Agenda
  • More than 300 Healthcare Leaders across the MENA Region
  • Unique and Innovative Platform Uniting Healthcare Community
  • Opening New Business Opportunities
  • Focussed Panel Discussions: Gaining insight into a breadth of experience
  • Explore how the latest technologies like HIE, AI and Blockchain are affecting the healthcare industry

Who Should Attend?

Job Title:

  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Medical Professionals
  • Para-Medical Professionals
  • Chairman/President/CEO
  • MD/COO/General Manager
  • Hospitals Owners
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Investment/Insurance Heads
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Central and State Officials & Policy Makers
  • Government Authorities
  • Health Economists
  • Chief Underwriting Officers
  • Medical Reinsurance Manager
  • Medical Claims Director
  • Hospital Head of Strategy
  • Head of Medical Operation
  • Pharmaceutical Market Access Directors
  • Medical Coding Director
  • Actuaries
  • Management Consultants, Risk Managers and Claims Specialists
  • Senior Managers in Quality and Patient Services
  • Revenue Cycle Managers
  • HR Managers

Executives will be representing the following Industry:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Health Department Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wellness Centers
  • Technology Experts
  • Investors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Third party administrators
  • Managed Care Service Providers
  • Technology Experts And Solutions Providers


The event will also feature Grand Awards Ceremony.

The event will also feature Grand Award Ceremony. MENA Healthcare Achievement Awards will identify the achievements of the MENA Region’s leading Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals.

The awards are designed to recognize companies and institutions who own, manage and create projects that have had a significant impact on development and enhancement in the Saudi Region. The awards program will honor the organizations that have played a significant role in ensuring the Kingdom becomes the greatest strength in the 21st century.

MENA Healthcare Achievement Awards


  • A Completed Nomination form
  • Answer to the questions mentioned in the Nomination Form
  • A brief description (Max 500 words) on the organization/project nominated
  • Supply a pack of marketing materials, press coverage, testimonials and accomplishments in clear presentation to support your entry (not mandatory)
  • Five companies/organizations will be shortlisted for an award
  • The finalists will be notified before the Event

Don’t forget to nominate your company or yourself!

For nominations please email on or call us on +44 20 4577 1935

& Exhibition Opportunities

MENA Healthcare Summit & Awards will bring together Top Management from the Private & Public Hospitals & Healthcare Authorities who are interested in meeting Regional And International Healthcare Leaders that will help them to learn about the Latest Industry Developments, Share Ideas And Do Business.

Sponsoring at MENA Healthcare Summit & Awards provides an exceptional combination of networking and corporate branding opportunity to boost your company’s profile.

MENA Healthcare Summit will bring together the leaders in the Healthcare industry at an event designed to promote direct business with maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where manufacturers, dealers and distributors promote their brands by meeting potential customers with over 200 delegates & 15 vendor-sponsors.

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